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These pages were created as an information source
for "Seekers of Truth", for the benefit of all peoples
on their individual journey through life.

The approach has been to present information and
links to many additional resources as objectively as
possible. This information may be related to the
subject of spirituality and religion, including the
theology, philosophies and belief structures of many of the
worlds organized and recognized religions, to those of
the less known or more obscure systems of belief.

It should be noted that we will not attempt to
provide exhaustive detail on every world religion
or belief system, but rather an overview of the
more notable ones, with minor comparisons for
similiarities and differences, with links to
other resources with more information.

It is our opinion that all forms of belief hold an
element of truth, yet that only by keeping the
mind open to the study and consideration of ALL
these beliefs will humankind ever find the "One
Truth"..... assuming this epiphany exists.

Only with knowledge may we become enlightened.


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