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Discover the realm of energy healing and
the power of the universe found in Reiki.

Please visit our pages to learn more about
the history, knowledge and benefits of Reiki
for soothing and healing mind, body and spirit.

You will also find links and additional
information regarding diet, lifestyle,
relaxation, meditation and the use of
nutrients and herbs to help manage
various health concerns.

If you are interested in a Reiki treatment
or to make an appointment with an active Reiki
Practitioner near you, please visit our "Find a
Practitioner" page for more information.


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"Reiki Montana" is devoted to providing information regarding natural health and
healing,including Reiki, Energy healing, meditation and relaxation. It is for
informational purposes only. Please visit our"Find a Practitioner" page to find
an active therapist or practitioner near you.

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