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What Exactly Is Reiki?

"Reiki" is a Japanese healing art. "Rei" (pronounced "Ray") means
"universal knowledge" or may be considered to be the infinite
energy of the Universe or that of a supreme intelligence.
"Ki" (pronounced "kee") is the "life force" found in all living things.

Reiki is not a religion. While Reiki has its roots in Japan and Asia, it
is a "healing art" and not a religion in itself. Reiki acknowledges the
"universal energy" in our universe. It makes no attempt to categorize it
in any religious context. A Practitioner of Reiki has been trained
to focus and channel this energy in a way that is nurturing and healing.

Practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern
to help heal and harmonize. While similar to other healing
therapies based on the human energy field, Reiki specifically
seeks to restore harmony and balance to the body whose
vital energy ("Ki") has become unbalanced.

Reiki energy has a number of healing effects. It brings about
a state of deep relaxation, promotes energy flow within the body,
helps to detoxify and provide vitality in the form of the healing universal
life energy, and helps to increases the vibrational frequency of the body,
thereby stimulating and improving metabolism.

The laying on of hands is used in Reiki therapy as in other forms
of spiritual healing. With Reiki there is a difference though. In other
forms of spiritual healing, a person with a strong energy field
places their hands above a particular part of the body in order to
release energy into it. With Reiki, however, the healer places the
hands gently on or in special positions just above the body, and
the recipient draws Reiki energy through the healer as needed. The Reiki
healer is therefore a "guide" or "channel" for the healing Reiki energies.

Reiki recipients may remain fully clothed during treatment, although comfortable
loose-fitting clothing is recommended. While there are a few positions in
which the practitioner is in contact with the recipient (such as cradling the head),
many Reiki treatments do not require actual touching. Depending on your level of
comfort, the practitioner may place his or her hands gently on or a few
inches above the recipient's body to manipulate the body's energy field.


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